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Epic Is Giving Away A Bunch Of Free Games Over The Holidays, Starting With Destiny 2: Legacy Collection

The Epic Games Store is celebrating the festive season with not only a themed holiday sale, but also a daily free game. You’ll have 24 hours to claim each one of these games, and once you do, they’re yours to keep forever.

The first game that people can grab is Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, with the daily giveaway starting next week on December 19 and ending on January 4, which means you can get one free game each day for 15 days.

Epic has regularly given games away during the holiday season since 2019, and there are usually a great selection of games to add to your library every year. For example, last year saw games like Death Stranding, Sable, and Wolfenstein: The New Order given away to EGS members.

Epic typically reserves its biggest and most high-profile game for Christmas Day, and you’ll have until 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET each day to grab the daily freebie. There’s no confirmed list of the games that’ll be offered, but it’s likely to be a mix of AAA and indie games during the days that this promotion runs. It’s worth noting that the event will temporarily replace the normal weekly release of free games until it ends in January 2024.

December 13 – Destiny 2: Legacy Collection

While the base Destiny 2 game is free to download and play, the Legacy Collection offers a substantial chunk of DLC to enjoy. It includes the Shadowkeep (2019), Beyond Light (2021), and The Witch Queen expansions (2022), and it also unlocks access to 37 powerful Exotic weapons, 15 Exotic pieces of armor, and the Stasis subclass.

In case you’ve missed out on Bungie’s sci-fi epic, Destiny 2 is an interstellar adventure in which you operate as a Guardian, one of the chosen defenders of the cosmos who can use several Light and Darkness powers to fight back against malevolent forces threatening all of existence. It’s worth noting that this collection doesn’t include the Lightfall expansion, as that is currently available as a separate purchase.

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