Destiny 2 Gets Brand-New Vehicle Type, The Hoverboard-Like Skimmer –

Destiny 2 Gets Brand-New Vehicle Type, The Hoverboard-Like Skimmer

Bungie has revealed a brand-new type of vehicle for Destiny 2, providing players an alternative to the classic Sparrow. Called Skimmers, the new vehicle is a kind of hoverboard that can also be used to execute tricks and grind rails.

While Bungie has released many versions of the Sparrow over the years, the Skimmer is a new Exotic vehicle category that will share the same slot as your Sparrow. A more lightweight vehicle than the classic Sparrow, the hoverboard-like Skimmer will allow Guardians to “stylishly skim around looking incredibly cool,” according to the Destiny 2 blog.

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The vehicle is being introduced to the game as part of the Guardian Games All-Stars, which is where players will be able to earn the Allstar Vector Skimmer. It’s easy to get at first, available to collect from NPC Eva Levante straight after the onboarding quest, but to keep the Skimmer permanently players will also have to complete the Drop In quest.

A second Skimmer will also be available to buy from the Eververse store, which Bungie says is “inspired by a beloved Destiny weapon.”

The Skimmer is being introduced as part of this year’s Guardian Games, which returns on Tuesday for the fifth iteration of the annual competition that pits Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans against each other.

Teams of six can also take part in the global Guardian Games Cup, which runs from March 5 to March 26. The winning team will be awarded a life-sized physical replica of the Allstar Vector Skimmer, which will be engraved with the names of all team members.

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