Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 4 Season 5 – All Fortnite OG Skins And Rewards –

Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 4 Season 5 – All Fortnite OG Skins And Rewards

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 is here. Officially called Fortnite OG, this blast from the past brings back the Chapter 1 map with throwback loot, items, and vehicles to match. But for many people, the highlight is always the new battle pass skins and rewards.

In the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 pass, aka the OG Pass, the number of rewards has shrunk to 50, rather than the usual 100+. While some players are understandably not excited about that, it’s partly because this bonus season is just a month long. Come December, it’s all but assured that we’ll be moving onto Chapter 5 with yet another new map.

With that understood, let’s take a look at all rewards available in the OG Pass. This season’s character skins lineup mirrors the earlier Fortnite seasons in that it includes just four new skins versus the now-customary eight.

Each of the eight is a mash-up of two skins from Fortnite’s past, such as Lil Split who is a mix of Peely, everyone’s favorite bipedal banana, and Lil Whip, the anthropomorphized ice cream cone. The end result is an obvious nod to the banana split, a dessert that hasn’t been served anywhere on Earth in approximately 35 years, but its iconic imagery lives on nonetheless.

Also found in this pass are skins Omegarok, Renegade Lynx, and Spectra Knight. As for their accessories, like back bling, gliders, pickaxes, and lots more, take a look below. And please note that we’ve excluded images of the V-Bucks you’ll earn along the way. In that case, just know that you’ll earn back more than your 950 spent V-Bucks to acquire the pass if you go on to complete it, as the V-Bucks rewards top off at 1,000 total V-Bucks.

Here’s a complete gallery of all Fortnite OG Pass rewards.

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