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How To Fast-Travel In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, fast travel is possible, but it’s not immediately obvious how to do it. That’s because it’s also not immediately available, and even once it is available, it still has some limitations. So it’s much less straightforward than your average open-world game. Here’s how to fast-travel in Suicide Squad so you can kill the Justice League with record speed.

Suicide Squad fast travel explained

Fast travel isn’t available in the story until midway through the game’s third chapter, as shown in the Squad menu when paused. During this chapter, you’ll be interacting with The Flash for several missions, though I won’t say more so as not to spoil anything. After a particular mission in which you meet a new ally, you’ll be shown a prompt that fast travel, called Rapid Transit, is available.

However, as the image below illustrates, you can only fast-travel to the Hall of Justice. The Hall serves as your hub where quest givers and merchants reside, so with Rapid Transit you can quickly get back to that space simply by going into your map screen and pressing up on the D-pad. But moving just as instantaneously away from it isn’t possible, unfortunately.

You’ll need some patience to unlock fast travel in Suicide Squad.

This may be because the developers want to emphasize the game’s complex traversal mechanics–after all, if you can fast-travel at will, you’d be missing out on a big portion of the game’s central features. It’s unclear if Rocksteady plans to expand the fast-travel system at a later date or not, so for now just know that you’ll need to get into the game’s third chapter before you can fast-travel, and once you can, you can only fast-travel to one specific location.

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