Make Sure To Swallow Your Drink Before Looking At These Bugged MLB The Show 24 Faces –

Make Sure To Swallow Your Drink Before Looking At These Bugged MLB The Show 24 Faces

The newly released MLB The Show 24 has turned into a horror show after its latest patch, with multiple players sporting warped and distorted faces. From features clipping through players’ caps to eyes bugging out from strangely squished faces, the frankly hilarious glitch has added some unintentional comedy to San Diego Studio’s baseball sim.

Only certain players seem to have been subjected to the facial glitches, which seem to squish a player’s features in to result in weak chins and strange bug eyes. Multiple players have posted screenshots on X, formerly Twitter, of the warped players appearing in their games.

The glitches aren’t just present on the field, but also when a player’s likeness is blown up on the scoreboard, resulting in some hilarious imagery.

San Diego Studios tweeted to let fans know it is aware of the issue, with a fix already in the works. It seems that the glitch was introduced with this week’s Update 3, along with a number of other bugs that aren’t quite as fun as the goofed-up graphics, with players on Reddit reporting game crashes and even loss of progress since the patch landed.

MLB The Show 24 released earlier in March, and has received mixed to positive reviews, with an aggregate score of 79 on Metacritic at the time of writing. GameSpot’s review scored the game a 7 out of 10, saying: “MLB The Show 24 delights with another season of Storylines: The Negro Leagues and continued on-field excellence, but some modes are still in desperate need of an overhaul.” User reviews have been somewhat less positive, with a number of ongoing server and technical issues plaguing the game, and especially its co-op mode, since launch.

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