Preorder Evercade’s New Retro Gaming Devices Bundled With Tomb Raider Cartridge At Amazon –

Preorder Evercade’s New Retro Gaming Devices Bundled With Tomb Raider Cartridge At Amazon

The Evercade EXP-R handheld and Evercade VS-R home console are available to preorder now at Amazon for the budget-friendly price of $100 each. Both of the new cartridge-based retro devices release July 31 and are compatible with the existing, and quite expansive, Evercade cartridge library. The EXP-R and VS-R come bundled with the upcoming Tomb Raider Collection cartridge, which compiles iconic heroine Lara Croft’s first three adventures. Existing Evercade owners can preorder Tomb Raider Collection separately for $25. New accessories, including an ergonomic grip for the Evercade EXP and EXP-R and additional VS-R controllers, are available to preorder, too.

Evercade products tend to be popular on Amazon, and stock is typically limited, so we’d recommend preordering the new systems and accessories soon, if interested. This thought also applies to those who only need Tomb Raider Collection, especially since Tomb Raider is such a big name–similar to Duke Nukem Collections 1 and 2, which regularly sell out on Amazon.

The EXP-R is the third Evercade portable–or fourth, if you count the spin-off Super Pockets–and the VS-R is the second home console from Evercade. Both devices have charcoal gray color schemes with turquoise accents.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Evercade family of systems, it’s a retro gaming platform that lets you play over 50 cartridge-based collections. The original Evercade handheld released back in 2020, and Blaze Entertainment has iterated on the Evercade hardware multiple times since, including with the Evercade VS home console, Evercade EXP handheld, and last year’s spin-off $60 handhelds, the Taito and Capcom Super Pockets.

Evercade’s library has grown to over 500 retro games across 50 cartridges, so if you’re looking for an official way to play some of the most iconic games of the past few decades, these cartridge-based gadgets are certainly worth considering. We’ve reviewed the Evercade EXP, Evercade VS, and Super Pocket. You can check out those reviews below. You can also head over to Amazon to take a look at existing cartridge compilations, which start at $20.

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