Prison Architect 2 Preorders Are Discounted At Fanatical –

Prison Architect 2 Preorders Are Discounted At Fanatical

Prison Architect 2 is set to launch for PC on May 7, 2024, and fans planning to grab a copy of the game early can save a few dollars if they preorder the game at Fanatical. With Fanatical’s discount, you can preorder Prison Architect 2 standard edition for $34.79 (normally $40) or the Prison Architect 2: Warden’s Edition for $43.49 (was $50).

Preordering either version will get you three K9 Unit skins: Black Labrador Retriever, German Shepard, and Malamute. The Warden’s edition also includes the Warden’s Edition Pack, which contains four bonus characters and the Warden’s Rug, Warden’s Desk, and Warden’s Wallpaper in-game items. Plus, buying the game at Fanatical gets you a 5%-off coupon code you can use on a future purchase at Fanatical’s online store.

Prison Architect 2 is the follow-up to 2015’s Prison Architect. Like the first game, Prison Architect 2 tasks you with designing, constructing, and maintaining a high-security prison facility. Not only do you need to keep your building secure to prevent inmates from escaping or rioting, but you must also manage the guard staff and maintain the prison’s infrastructure to keep everything running smoothly. While the first game used a top-down 2D perspective, Prison Architect 2 features 3D graphics and full camera control. it also introduces new gameplay elements like multi-floor prisons, more design tools, and an expanded Career Mode single-player campaign.

If you’re intrigued by Prison Architect 2’s premise but haven’t played the original, you’re in luck. The first Prison Architect and its many expansions are also discounted at Fanatical right now. All game keys purchased at Fanatical are delivered to your email after checkout and are redeemable on Steam.

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