Reader Discussion: Do You Sit In Video Games? –

Reader Discussion: Do You Sit In Video Games?

We’ve all been there. You see a chair in a game. It prompts you to sit. Curious, you oblige. 

Your digital butt meets the seat, and…nothing. You just sit and stare for a few seconds before rising and continuing your adventure. More often than not, sitting does not result in a cutscene, reward, character dialogue, or, in some cases, even a good view of your surroundings. You just sit. 

You could be slaying a mighty dragon.

You could be rescuing your captive friends.

You could be discovering the true meaning behind your existence and your place in the cosmos.

But instead, you sit. 

With some exceptions, taking a seat in games equates to a whole lot of nothing. And yet, it remains a regularly recurring mechanic. So why do we sit? Do you like to sit? How long do you sit? Should sitting still be a thing in games? Please take a seat and discuss your stance in the comments below.

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