Relive The Events Of Alan Wake In New Alan Wake: Flashback Fortnite Experience –

Relive The Events Of Alan Wake In New Alan Wake: Flashback Fortnite Experience

Remedy Entertainment is releasing Alan Wake 2 next week, on October 27, and while there’s still time to replay (or play for the first time) Alan Wake before its sequel is out, October is a stacked month, and time might not be on your side. Alan Wake: Flashback might help, though, as it’s a new Fortnite creative experience that gives players the chance to relive the mysteries and events of the first Alan Wake, albeit presumably in a much shorter and more streamlined fashion. 

Epic Games says Alan Wake: Flashback is based on the first Alan Wake game and reimagines Remedy’s 2010 action-thriller in Fortnite. “Troubled author Alan Wake embarks on a desperate search for his missing wife, Alice,” a press release reads. “Following her mysterious disappearance from the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, he discovers pages of a horror story he has supposedly written, but has no memory of.” 

Check out the Alan Wake: Flashback Fortnite trailer for yourself below: 

If you’re familiar with the first Alan Wake, you can probably see that this Fortnite experience aims to be a speedy way to get somewhat caught up on the series before the release of Alan Wake 2 next week. Alan Wake: Flashback will be available on the Discover page of Fortnite, or you can manually search for it with the following Island code: 3426-5561-3371

Epic Games says Alan Wake: Flashback was created in collaboration with Remedy Entertainment, Spiral House, and Zen Creative

Here are some Alan Wake: Flashback screenshots: 


Alongside today’s news, Epic Games has revealed that the previously announced Alan Wake cosmetics will hit the Fortnite Item Shop on October 26 at 8 p.m. ET. There, you’ll find the Alan Wake Outfit as well as other in-game cosmetics that are part of the “Waking Nightmare” set. 

Players who have purchased Alan Wake 2 on the Epic Game Store before October 27 (specifically 11:59 p.m. ET) will be given both the Alan Wake Outfit and Alan’s Messenger Bag Back Bling in Fortnite early starting October 10. 

In the meantime, read about how Alan Wake, Michael Myers, and Jack Skellington are joining Fortnite as part of the Fortnitemares Halloween 2023 lineup. Check out Game Informer’s Alan Wake Remastered review after that, and then watch this New Gameplay Today where we play as Alan Wake in the sequel while exploring the Oceanview Hotel. 

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