Resident Evil 3 Board Game Gives You A Viral Tour Of Raccoon City For Just $39 –

Resident Evil 3 Board Game Gives You A Viral Tour Of Raccoon City For Just $39

Amazon Prime Day Round 2 might be officially over, but for Prime members, there are a few exclusive deals that still remain. For board game fans who have a fondness for survival-horror and monsters that have a face for radio, now is a great time to pick up the tabletop version of Resident Evil 3, which is on sale for $39.

Normally $65.75, this post-Prime Day special takes place in the infamous metropolis of Raccoon City as all viral hell breaks loose. The Umbrella Corporation’s experiments at the Spencer Mansion have busted loose, the populace has been transformed into a horde of flesh-eating cannibals, mutated monsters roam the streets, and that’s not even the worst of it.

Resident Evil 3: The Board Game

As if a mob of flesh-hungry zombies weren’t bad enough, there’s also Nemesis to deal with, a nigh-unstoppable mountain of virulent muscles and high-tech weaponry that happens to be after you. Can you survive the night? Well, you’ll have to roll the dice to find out, as this board game plunges you into one of several scenarios spread across the city.

Inside the box, you’ll find 28 highly detailed plastic mini-figures, hundreds of cards, terrain elements, the game board, tokens, and dice that can be used to set up a cooperative campaign for up to four players. Manage your precious resources, keep the infected at bay, and escape before a nuclear missile ruins the Raccoon City property market.

You’ll be able to play as fan-favorite Resident Evil characters like Jill Valentine or Carlos, and each protagonist has a unique set of rules that you can leverage to change the course of the campaign. If you feel like going all in, you can also grab the City of Ruin expansion, which adds more characters, campaign scenarios, and terrifying bosses to the tabletop game.

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