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Rise Of The Ronin Gets Cinematic Launch Trailer

Team Ninja’s PlayStation-exclusive action RPG Rise of the Ronin is only a week away from release, and Sony has revealed an epic cinematic trailer for the occasion. Blending live-action scenes with in-game visuals, the trailer focuses on the bond between the protagonist and their lost Blade Twin.

Set in 19th century Japan, Rise of the Ronin sees the player controlling a customizable warrior-for-hire known as the Veiled Edge. The game delves into a period of history where the so-called Black Ships of the West threatened Japan’s previously closed borders, and will see the player character interacting with various historical figures as they forge their own path through the game’s open world story.

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The player will get to customize two characters, the Veiled Edge and their Blade Twin, two siblings who were raised and trained together. The launch trailer focuses on this dynamic, contrasting shots of the twins as children with a tense stand-off between the two as adult ronin.

Rise of the Ronin is a new style of game for Team Ninja, combining the combat style of previous games like Wo Long and Nioh with a more freeform, open-world structure. The game’s marketing has pushed the sense of freedom in the game, with a storyline that will react to your decisions as you choose your own path as a ronin.

Rise of the Ronin arrives on PS5 on March 22. You can check out GameSpot’s preview of Rise of the Ronin here.

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