Trying To Catch Them All In Palworld | Game Informer Live –

Trying To Catch Them All In Palworld | Game Informer Live

After years of excitement and skeptism, the Pokémon-like survival game Palworld is now available in early access. The game drops player into a collection of tropical islands inhabited by monsters called Pals that you can catch as your own. Pals can be used in battle or put to work, building structures and mining resources. You can also mow them down with guns. Yes, this game features realistic guns. It’s a very strange but, thus far, entertaining experience.

Watch Marcus Stewart and Alex Van Aken dive into the Xbox version of Palworld from the beginning to see how the game performs in its first incarnation. For more on Palworld, check out our recent feature in which we spoke to developer Pocketpair about the studios’ origins and Palworld’s creation and features.

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