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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Split Pad Pro Controller Discounted To Lowest Price Yet

The Hori Split Pad Pro is one of our favorite ways to play Switch in handheld mode, offering ergonomic grips, responsive buttons, a conventional D-pad, and full-sized analog sticks for added comfort. The Joy-Con replacement recently received a makeover to celebrate The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and right now you can snag the gorgeous officially licensed controller for just $50 (down from $60). That’s its lowest price ever, so consider giving it a look if you’re searching for a last-minute holiday gift, as Amazon is advertising orders will arrive before Christmas.

Of course, this version features a sleek Tears of the Kingdom paint job, with Link perched high up on a Sky Island on the right side of the controller and the left side featuring a sleek black and gold design with Zelda iconography emblazed throughout.

Our Split Pad Pro review found the controllers to be a great upgrade over the Joy-Con and an easy recommendation for handheld players.

“[The Hori Split Pad Pro] makes gaming in handheld much more comfortable across the board, and it truly delivers much better control over first- and third-person shooters, or any game that requires precise analog inputs,” wrote critic Michael Higham. “Adding to the overall exceptional feel of the Split Pad Pro are the larger triggers and shoulder buttons that are smooth and effortless to pull. They’re not clicky, and again, come close to how a Switch Pro controller feels.”

Several Split Pad deals have sold out in the weeks following Black Friday, and if you want to get the Tears of the Kingdom-themed controller ahead of the holidays, be sure to check out this discount soon.

Speaking of Tears of the Kingdom, Amazon has fantastic deals on the official strategy guide. With a bonus discount applied, you can get the hardcover collector’s edition Tears of the Kingdom guidebook for $21.59 (down from $45). Alternatively, the paperback edition is 50% off at just $15.

If you’re mostly happy with your Joy-Con controllers, but wish they had normal D-pads, check out Hori’s left Joy-Con replacement. A Super Mario-themed model is on sale for only $17 right now.

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